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The Challenge

How do you get people to use an app that lets them quickly and easily meet someone interesting in an overly saturated digital dating/meeting scene? One of the main challenge was creating a friendly environment, while not making the app feel dating-focused.

iOS vs Android (Galaxy)

The Solution

To differentiate Zoney in a crowded market, Find & Form decided to put the emphasis on the user’s writing abilities, their story, rather than their looks. Success of the app’s experience and interface is dependent on how users interact offline. We wanted it to be simple and focused and not another online presence to maintain.

The Process

As of last year, the team started using a Discovery process to strategize and focus before the whole team dive straight into assumptions. Stephen leads the overall client discovery as I focus on the design strategy. We start with brand goals, brand mood boards, researching of the marketplace, and developing user personas and overall context of where users would be coming from.

Brand Strategy

IA & Discovery

Information Architecture is part of the current Discovery process where I take the initial scope from our clients and develop it with recommendations from the Find & Form team. This process allows the client to have something tangible to see, while they think about their overall strategy as we move onto the next phase.

Information Architecture


One of our key takeaways was to focus on a strategy that involves serendipitous meeting without photos as a determining factor. Instead, people would judge each other on the way they answered an icebreaker question that initiates the conversation. The wireframes allowed my team to think about the user flows of how multiple people can interact on this platform.

Messaging Wireframes

Final Designs

After wireframes, Jenny, Jon, and I come up with multiple concepts that we pitch internally to each other. We ended up with the idea that Zoney is a friendly travel companion that helps people unplug and spontaneously connect with each other through the use of fun colors and icons.

I created the icons using The Noun Project as well as drawing some of them myself.


Additional Assets

Every project for the last two years at Find & Form gets accompanied with a UI style guide. In addition, this became one of the first projects where I created an overall annotated user flow document for handoff to James, the lead mobile developer.

User Flow & Annotations


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